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  • Tom Kelly

0. Clean Cut Audio Podcast Trailer

Welcome to the brand new Clean Cut Audio podcast. This is a show for new and seasoned podcasters who are looking to take their audio production to the next level. Every week, Tom will share actionable tips and tricks that you can implement into your podcasts RIGHT NOW that will make them sound great, and make them easier and faster to produce.


In this podcast, you will hear demos, tutorials, walkthroughs, listening exercises, side by side comparisons, and deep dive audio training that will teach the fundamentals of audio for podcasting along with some more advanced tricks that can be done by even the newest podcaster.

My Signal Chain


Audio Interface: Apogee Ensemble

Microphone: Shure SM7b

XLR Cable: Handmade...


IzoTope RX6 De-Mouth Click

FabFilter ProQ3

Waves LinMB

Waves Vocal Rider

IzoTope RX6 Voice De-Noise

Waves L2 Limiter

Waves WLM Meter

Waves Durrough Meter

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For more info, or to ask any questions, check out my website and reach out to


Full Transcript

What is going on everybody? My name is Tom Kelly. This is Clean Cut Audio and this week is the promo episode. Let's do it.

Clean Cut Audio is a weekly podcast between 5 and 15 minutes in length that is dedicated to helping people produce better sounding podcasts. Now, who is this show for? It could be anyone with a podcast, whether they're hobby casters, whether there are some veteran pro casters with that sweet, sweet advertising money, or the service professional who edits podcasts for a living, who's looking for ways to make their show sound better, or to edit them more efficiently so that they can demand higher rates and make a higher hourly income. Each week I'm going to be tackling common problems that podcasters face when it comes to audio production in their podcasts. The standards out there, sadly, are pretty low and it doesn't take that much to stand out from the rest with a show that truly sounds incredible. It also doesn't take a ton of money, as it would in say, music production. And it doesn't take a lot of time to learn the fundamentals of how to capture a great sound and how to mix a great podcast.

The thing I'm most excited about in this show is something I've never heard anyone do in a podcast before. We're not just going to talk about these ideas and theories and rant about gear and how we think this preamp sounds better than that one, although I might, but the thing that I'm so excited for is actual listening exercises.

It's really important that we know what all of these effects and plugins do. But what's more important is being able to hear the subtle differences and knowing what needs to be done in order to make this audio sound better. So throughout these episodes, we're going to be playing with different settings on compressors, equalizers, de-essers, saturators...

We're going to be changing up the sound conditioning in my space so you can hear the difference between a sound treated space an un-soundtreated space. Being close to the microphone, being a little too far away and getting more of that room sound in it. We're going to get really experimental and dive into what it takes to create a great sounding podcast.And again, luckily for us podcasters, it doesn't take that much.

If you're wanting to learn even more, you can check out my YouTube channel, where again, I teach the fundamentals of capturing and mixing great audio as well as some really great editing tricks and workflow hacks in order to edit your podcast way faster. For example, it takes me about 90 minutes to edit a 60 minute episode, taking out something like 1,500 ums throughout the episode. I've been doing this for 10 years and you get really fast when you focus on accuracy and efficiency, not just moving quickly.

We're going to be looking at all that in the YouTube channel as well as within the podcast.

In future episodes. I'm really looking forward to having some discount codes for some of the most popular and the most powerful plugins to help you make your podcast sound better. I'm also really looking forward to partnering with some of the bigger companies to do giveaways and possibly even mixing and editing competitions.

I've got really, really big plans for this podcast, and I'm excited to share all of these theories, the fundamentals, and the mechanics of audio with you all.

You can learn more about me in my 10 year journey in the audio production world at and if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out, Listen, I am way too generous with my time. If you email me, I will answer any question you have, I might make a YouTube video to answer the question. My next episode of the podcast might be, to answer your question, or you might get a PhD thesis back helping you solve whatever problems that you have.

And if you're interested in some really deep dive stuff, I will offer 15% off of all coaching and consulting calls to listeners of this podcast only. Make sure you reach out and mention who came from the podcast. I will not offer this discount anywhere, not even to my YouTube channel. Only for the podcast listeners who are looking for some serious help with their production.

So if you are a podcaster or a podcast professional who is interested in making their show or their client's shows sound better and to get them done quicker and more efficiently, make sure you're subscribed to this channel.

Each week you're going to learn something that's going to help either your podcast or your client's podcast sound better, and/or get it done more efficiently.

All right. That's it for the promo episode. Please make sure you're subscribed, and if you're already listening to these new episodes and you're loving them, make sure to rate them on Apple podcasts, Overcast, anywhere that you get your shows. It may not do a lot for discovery, but a) it makes me feel good and 2) (yeah, I know) it's social proof so that when people are looking for podcasts to listen to, usually the one with the most reviews is validated the most in the mind of the potential listener.

So if you're loving it, make sure your friends are loving it as well, and let's please, all get better together. Podcasts deserve to sound great. Podcast listeners deserve to have a podcast that sounds great. If we're asking for anyone's attention, but especially in podcasting when we're asking for 30, 45, 60, 90 minutes of someone's attention each and every week, we owe it to them to have the best sounding podcast possible, to make it as easy as possible for them to digest all of the amazing information within your show.

We are asking them for a huge, huge favor which is to give us their attention. We need to make sure we are returning the favor by giving them an amazing sounding product. So let's all go out there and make the best sounding show possible.



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