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Podcast Consulting and Education

It is our personal mission to help elevate the standards of audio quality within the podcasting community. That’s why we offer audio production consultation for anyone looking to improve their sound and production skills. Whether you’ve got specific questions about efficient editing and proper mixing, or you’re looking for a comprehensive production tutorial, Clean Cut Audio can walk you through it step by step.

Our podcast production coaching services are completely flexible to fit your needs. In the past, we’ve offered everything from quick phone calls to detailed emails to one-on-one Skype screen share sessions. Whatever your learning style, we’ll make sure you’ve got what you need so you’re ready to take it on with confidence. Rather than using bad advice from your cousin’s boyfriend who also got bad advice from Dr. Podcast on the Google, learn correct and efficient methods from the best in the biz.

While we can teach virtually anything within our realm of expertise to all levels of experience, some common consulting topics include:

  • Basic audio editing and production processes and settings

  • Post-production training

  • Recording room setup, mounting, and sound conditioning

  • Microphone technique

  • Remote interview recording

  • Productivity hacks

  • Hearing and altering sound

  • Compressor settings

  • Adjusting EQ settings for an intimate sound (clarity, presence, warmth)

  • Removing background noise

  • Mastering and mixing differences

  • Advanced mastering

Our consulting services are not pre-recorded courses meant for the masses. Through a pre-session consultation, we’ll figure out what problems you’re having, what you’re interested in learning, and how we can help. This means that each coaching session is designed specifically for your needs so you learn exactly what you need to know—in record time.

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