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Clean Cut Audio


One of the biggest frustrations many podcasters face is knowing their audio can be better, but they don't have the background and education to effectively diagnose and correct their sonic issues. Presets never seem to work, the tutorials they find online run them around in circles, and nothing seems to be helping. Mixlab is designed to be a simple and cost effective solution to those problems!

The best way to learn audio production is to watch an experienced audio engineer work. With Mixlab, you'll be able to submit your audio files to worked on by a professional audio engineer. In return you'll receive a fully produced video on exactly what I did to your audio and why. You'll be able to copy the settings I used specifically for you as you work alongside me in cleaning up your audio to make it the best it can be. The best part? I upload every Mixlab video to my YouTube channel, so you'll even get some promotion for your podcast!





It's super simple! Answer a few questions, read the release statement, upload your files, and hit submit! You'll be redirected to a checkout page where you can pay this month's rate via credit card or PayPal.

Please fill out forms and submit files on a desktop computer. For the sake of file sizes, please send audio files of 5 minutes or less. Thank you!

Winter 2023 rate - $175

Upload File

Thank you for submitting to Mixlab by Clean Cut Audio! I'm excited to work on your files and I'll be in touch via email shortly.

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