Professional Audio Engineering, Podcast Production, and Podcast Coaching Services

Poor sound quality is distracting. And whether you’re a seasoned podcaster or brand spankin’ new, your expertise and wisdom can only take you so far. Because let’s face it, nobody will be able to focus on what you’re saying if you sound like you record with your mouth full. In your neighbor’s garage. While constantly opening a bag of chips. Even if that’s all true, Clean Cut Audio can bring you the crisp, clean sound you need to keep your audience engaged.


-Because your sound-

From production to publishing, we’ve got the tools and experience required to give you a professional sounding podcast in record breaking time. With Clean Cut Audio at your side, you can spend more time discussing what you love and less time scrolling through Reddit’s sound editing forums. (WTF is LUFS anyway?)


So pick up your mic, share your story, hug your mom, and let us take care of the rest.




Add intros, outros, bumpers, sound effects, music, and advertisements



Improve sound quality through hundreds of mixing suites and plugins



Eliminate background noise, dead space, filler words, mistakes, and unwanted sounds



Refresh outdated recordings to modern quality standards


Find the right microphones, interfaces, software, acoustic treatment on any budget


 Share finished episodes on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, Overcast, etc.



A Few Kind Words

The best part about sound engineering and podcast production? The people. We’ve had the privilege of working with tons of inspiring, intelligent, and interesting humans over the years. See what they’re saying about us:


"Tom is one of the best things that happened to my podcast production business. From day 1, I could tell that I was dealing with someone who was going to deliver high-quality work consistently.


Tom is professional, courteous, and supremely talented. Without him, I would not have had the confidence to expand my service offerings at and bring on more clients..."

—  Mathew Passy, The Podcast Consultant


Some Shows We've Worked On

Since our beginning, we’ve gotten to work on some pretty awesome shows. Between the hosts, the guests, and the content, this vast network of endless knowledge never ceases to amaze us. Check out some of our most recent projects:


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