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Who Are We?



Based in the heart of Denver, Colorado, Clean Cut Audio was founded to help elevate the standards of audio quality in the modern digital landscape. We work with passionate creators and charismatic side-hustlers to engineer, mix, and publish conversations as they’re intended to be heard.


At Clean Cut Audio, it is our mission to educate and inspire higher standards of audio in the podcasting industry. Whether you’re an avid listener ready to start your own conversation or a weekly host with room to grow, we’ll align with you to bring the highest quality audio to your show.



From getting a personalized letter of recommendation from Mike Rowe to acquiring not one, but three identical jackets worn in concert by Taylor Swift herself, founder and owner Tom Kelly doesn’t cut corners. But beyond his impressive and often irritating ability to make some sh*t happen, it was Tom’s passion for music and audio that ultimately led him to a career in sound engineering.




Tom’s love for high-quality audio began as a prepubescent twerp when he played in several pop punk bands with his friends. After ultimately choosing formal education over stardom, Tom went to college for a degree in Audio Production. After graduating, he worked in different jobs editing drums and vocals for recording studios, producing live video and audio for nonprofits and hardcore venues, and doing everything in his power to keep his ears dirty with audio.


Ironically, Tom used listening to podcasts to learn how to integrate his extensive knowledge of sound engineering into podcasting. What first began as a stint of obsessive editing for some of his own shows quickly turned into a full-blown business. It is now Tom’s ultimate goal to improve the audio standards for the podcasting industry, as well as create a superior network of professional producers, engineers, and editors and their podcasting superstar counterparts.

Tom Kelly, Founder

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