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  • Tom Kelly

26. What My Dog Taught Me About Love, Audio, and Community

Death has a crazy way of putting a lot of things into perspective. With the recent passing on my dog and best friend Levi, I've been thinking a lot about what audio and podcasting REALLY means to me. It got me thinking of the Alexander Supertramp quote "Happiness is only real when shared". We as podcasters tend to hole ourselves in a spare bedroom, walk in closet, or any location that is completely separated from the sounds and sights of the rest of the world. It can get lonely, and that loneliness and isolation can really get in the way of progress.

This week I'm revising the concept of community, this time VERY determined to provide a safe place for listeners of this podcast, viewers of my videos, and I to freely express ideas, theories, tips, and techniques that will not only result in a better sounding podcast, but a more fulfilling experience along the way.


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My Signal Chain


Audio Interface: Apogee Ensemble

Microphone: Shure SM7b

Studio Monitors: Yamaha HS7


IzoTope RX6 Mouth De-Click

IzoTope RX6 Voice De-Noise

FabFilter ProQ3

Waves Vocal Rider

Waves CLA-2A

oeksound Soothe2

Waves LinMB

Waves WLM Meter

Waves Durrough Meter

Waves Abbey Road Studio3

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Midroll Song: Road Trip by Joakim Karud

Closing Song: Harmony by Joakim Karud

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