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  • Tom Kelly

Is 5.1 Surround Sound the Future of Podcasts? Here's What the Experts Have to Say...


Absolutely not.

Why would you think that?

HOWEVER, the future of podcasting certainly lies within higher standards of audio quality. With many A-list celebrities and major corporations with loads of capital and resources entering the scene, competition for attention will be fierce. They will be bringing an entirely new group of consumers into the podcasting realm, who will be first introduced to a form of podcasting that is high end, and incredibly polished.

The rogue "my audience will forgive my terrible sound quality because my content is so good" podcaster won't even get a chance with this new wave of consumers. To them, podcasts are SUPPOSED to be top notch, and won't have the patience for their sub-par audio quality. Take the 4 egg cartons off your wall, they're not doing anything useful, and REALLY spend some time (and maybe a little bit of money) making your recording environment sound tight, find a microphone that works well with your voice, and watch some tutorials on YouTube on how to mix your audio. If you need some extra help, I got you!

But for now, 1 mic will do just fine...


L/R: - AKG Perception 420 [M/S stereo] (discontinued)

SL/SR: Audix f15 (XY stereo]



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