While Clean Cut Audio started off as a podcast production company, the bulk of my business lately has been coaching in the audio for podcasting space. The thing I see my students wanting help with the most is equalization. Presets have failed them and they know that in order to get their podcasting sounding how they hear it in their heads, they need to learn the art and the science of equalization.

This course is part 1 of the Equalization for Podcasts, Voiceover, and Film training and it covers everything an absolute newbie needs to know in order to make their podcasts sound great, from what frequency means in audio, how an equalizer works, and how to effectively listen to and hear their audio in order to know how to use the incredibly powerful tool that is an equalizer.


The video is broken into 8 parts

  • Introduction

  • What is Frequency?

  • What is Equalization and why do we need one?

  • How an Equalizer works

  • What to Listen for and How to Equalize

  • Common Equalization Moves

  • Common Equalization Mistakes

  • Before/After Equalization

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By the end of this video, you will be able to confidently use an equalizer to hone in on your perfect sound without the confusion and guess work.

All who participate in Podcaster's Kit and download part 1 of my course on Equalization for Podcasting will be offered part 2 at less than half price! 

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